Meet Our Teachers

Cardamom & Clove Henna was founded by professional henna artist Chelsea Stevenson. Inspired by the winding designs of traditional Indian henna, the bold forms of North African style, and the sleek curves of Gulf-inspired henna, Chelsea began to practice her skill in numerous forums.


Blue Lotus Henna is the home of Portland’s most exquisite henna artistry performed by Melanie Ooi.

Melanie’s services extend beyond the skin, to henna decorated candles, belly casting and decorating, and ethereal mandala paintings.


Debi Varvi has been an artist since she first held a crayon. She has been doing mehndi since 1999 and has been addicted to this beautiful art ever since. Some of her creative outlets are mask making, color pencil drawings,  and batik. You can view more of her gorgeous henna artwork at

She joins us from gorgeous California and is one of the founders and main instructors at Henna Intensive Retreat.


Melissa is an artist at heart. She works under the name of her studio Henna Mystic in Miami, FL, where she not only specializes in Henna and Jagua tattoos, but paints portraits and gives a creative space for artists in the area. Melissa has been using Jagua since 2010 and henna since 2006.

Oz (of Fresh Jagua) lovingly calls her “The Jagua Master”, a title given to her for the advanced shading and 3D-like effects she is able to achieve using Jagua gel, along with her extensive knowledge on the Jagua itself. She has a passion for art, learning new things, also sharing her knowledge.

Raised in the body art industries since the tender age of 13, tattoo artists and body piercers quickly became a second family, and this is where Nic’s talents for adornment emerged. He is one of the only American henna artists to spend time studying with his counterparts in Morocco, and he brings to his work a rich understanding of the symbology and significance of traditional Moroccan henna design.

Nic is now training as an apprentice tattoo artist under his teacher Horikei. In addition to tattooing, Nic works as a silversmith and illustrator, and also teaches henna art to students at several events each year.

Rachel Goldman (aka Bella Henna) is an artist from Cincinnati, Ohio.   She first encountered henna while studying in Morocco and has been fascinated by the ephemeral art of mehndi ever since.

A strong background in the visual arts and enthusiasm for history come together in her bold modern henna designs; which reflect influences ranging from collagraph printmaking to sacred geometry mathematics. You can more of her work at, and on her website

The ceremonial art of Henna or Mehendi originated in India and still holds great importance in all Indian celebrations.
Mujahid Hussain was born in 1984 in the City of Pearls – Hyderabad, India. It is no wonder that he was drawn to the art at a very young age, given that he was surrounded by many traditional arts in the aesthetic city of Hyderabad.
While India has many well-known Henna designers, Mujahid chose to teach himself and improvise until he mastered the art and continues to do so. Flourishing as an artist didn’t get in the way of his education; Mujahid currently holds double Master’s degree in Business Administration.
In his own words: “Henna is not just an art form, to me it is the way of expression, way of life. I lend some beauty to ordinary things and in return they make my life forever more beautiful – this is the exchange that I strive for.”

Victoria Welch

Genevieve “Nev” Levin