A Life in the Arts: Forging Your Path: March 13


A Life in the Arts: Forging Your Path:
Presented by both Debi Varvi and Nic Tharpa Cartier. Choosing to follow the artist’s path can be a difficult decision. There is so much pressure in modern society to follow the crowd and do what others have done to find success. Too often we sacrifice our creativity in favor of stability. But looking at life from an artist’s point of view invites us to challenge this way of thinking, drawing from our own qualities and quirks to create a truly unique expression and enrich our lives. In this class, Debi and Nic will offer a series of exercises and ideas to help you tap into your creative potential in all aspects of life. Artistic living is socially and politically engaged, vital, and essential to the health and happiness of the human family.


RECORDINGS FROM: Sunday March 13, 2016 Time 12pm EST


Henna Sooq Studio
7060 Oakland Mills Rd
Suite K
Columbia, MD 21046

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