Learn, Live and Love Henna

Learn from the top professional henna artists in the industry.

Henna Chai, since 2007, has taken place in major cities: Montreal, Toronto & Maryland.

We’ve brought together many henna enthusiasts, and professional henna artists to collectively make Henna Chai what it is today.

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Get to know us…

Our team consists of our organizers and founders Khadija, Jamal and their amazing team of henna artists and teachers.

Khadija and Jamal are also the owners of Henna Sooq: Official Henna Chai Sponsor.They specialize in professional henna body art services, and have a full product line for henna artistans, and an ayurvedic and natural hair care line.

Khadija has over 10 years experience with henna and natural hair care, and has been practicing body art as a professional henna artist since 2005. She specializes and is an expert in henna natural hair color and care. She has taught at Atlanta’s World Natural Hair Show, CurlFest in Orlando, Henna Intensive Retreat in California, and always can be found in the many beauty, and spa shops that carry their product line: Henna Sooq. She is also a team mom with 6 super fun, beautiful and very active children.

How was Henna Sooq named?

Henna is a plant that grows in very hot, dry climates such as Morocco, India, Pakistan, and Yemen. This plant is used for traditional body art, sometimes called mehndi, for dyeing hair naturally, for its medicinal properties, and for art.
Sooq is Arabic for marketplace; hence, Henna and Sooq came together as one becoming the henna marketplace: Henna Sooq