A bit about Henna Chai Weekends…

Learn, Live, and Love Henna
12 Months of Henna Weekends with your favorite henna instructors and artists.
Upcoming classes include: Sudanese & Sangeet Henna, Mastering Mandalas, Belly Henna, Booth like a Boss, Composition & Technique for Beginners, and more coming.

Focusing on YOU! Now with more henna, more in depth, and more one on one time.
Attend these amazing classes at our studio or sign up for online classes.
#HennaChai to join in the fun!

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Connect with Henna Professionals

There is so much opportunity in learning from other henna artists. We are constantly growing, evolving and becoming better henna artists every day. Join us now! The #HennaJourney starts right here, right now.

Take your Henna Art to a new level

Using the best organic henna powders such as our Red Raj you’ll learn how to mix your own henna paste, fill cones, and apply gorgeous henna designs with the guidance of our henna instructors.

Love what you do and who you are

We can be our own worst art critic. Now is the time to love who you are and discover your henna art style within you. Together we’ll bring out the best. All for the love of henna!

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